What Is A Hashtag? Why Use It? What Is A Hashtags Generator?

What Is A Hashtag? What Is Hashtags generator?

Are you confused about using hashtag? Wondering how they help your promotional strategies and if they may increase sales?

How does the whole hashtag thing work? Why do we even use hashtags? When did the # symbol stop meaning number or being a tic tac toe board and start standing in front of a word or words? How do I know which hashtags to use in my posts? And, what the heck does a hashtags generator do? Is it free?

I had all the same questions. At first, I thought I would look stupid if I asked.  When I finally asked I had no idea what the person who answered was talking about. Then I felt dumb again, but it is entirely possible they had no idea either. LOL. I will try to make the answers simpler, clearer and more useable for you.  Here goes.

You probably already realize a hashtag is a word or phrase with no spaces following the # sign.

Since you are asking these questions, you probably already realize a hashtag is a word or phrase with no spaces following the # sign and used in social media posts. It began it’s life in Twitter posts. Now it’s used in all social media.

How does it work and why use them? Well, to begin with, they are clickable.  When you click on them you arrive on a page cataloging all the posts of everyone who has also used that hashtag in their post. The hashtag is supposed to have a correlation to the post itself. As it’s basic function, it is way to categorize posts by subject.  Additionally, it is a way to have your post viewed by people who are not currently friends or followers just because you’ve both shared the same hashtag. This is a good way to increase your followers or in other cases to sell more of whatever it is you sell.

When was the hashtag born? #babyhashtag actually first shared as #barcamp, a Virgo born on the cusp of Leo was destined by the stars to become an A-lister. With it’s birth being August 23, 2007, first tweeted by a blogger named Chris Messina, it’s only option was greatness, but that’s another article (google ‘Virgo cusp of Leo’.)


So how do you know which hashtags to use?

The answer to that depends on what you want to accomplish.  The main purpose of the hashtag is as a ‘category tag’ meaning it should correlate to the content of the post itself. Beyond that which ones you use and how many you include depends on your ultimate goal.  If getting more followers is the result you want, then you need to check to see how popular each hashtag is before deciding what to use.  You also need to check each individual social media and their preferred amount of hashtags.  You can be penalized for having too many or too few.


Finally, what is a hashtag generator and is it free?

Well, yes, most are free.  They do just what they say generate lots of hashtag variations. You go to the generator website, enter a word that is relevant to your post, and the generator generates variations that are currently being used. That’s it.  Many are free.  Some of our favorite generators are paid services. That’s because they are used by people who write blog articles or build websites.  On those services, you can also see how a specific hashtag compares to the same keyword or word combination, whether a hashtag is currently trending and how many people are using it as a hashtag vs. how many people are searching it.

With those mysteries solved, and now understanding the whys & how of hashtags, I do use them quite regularly. Still I use # to play tic tac toe and in front of my numbers when I make a list.  Call me a rebel.

That said, I hope you will be using hashtags soon. They’re just as much fun as tic tac toe and a little more fun than making lists! And now, if you want to know more about Virgo born on the cusp of Leo, check out www.dragonflysynastry.com and for more answers to life’s pressing questions, check out my website https://wisdomunconventional.com I’m Barbara Taylor Webster sharing with you my ‘Wisdom Unconventional.’

Have a beautiful day and a long happy life! You only live once in this body!  #YOLO


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